Mosaic Children's Programme 2015 - Company Message
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Mosaic is a creative arts programme that promotes critical and creative thinking in children (5-12 years).  Through education and artistic instruction, Mosaic takes a hands-on approach to learning with a focus on problem solving and self-expression providing leading edge dynamic children's workshops and children's camps at 091 Labs Galway. Early booking is advisable as classes have limited places.

Objectives of our Children's Programme

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Our curriculum consists of experimenting with seven strands. Each strand represents a medium for developing the child's expressive abilities. These strands are drawing, paint and colour, print, clay, 3D work, jewelry making, textiles and digital media.
As well as being great fun our classes emphasizes three starting points for the child's art activities:
- the child's own experience
- the child's imagination
- the child's observations

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Through group conversations the child will develop sensitivity to visual elements, and will begin to use these elements purposefully in his/her own art-making. The process of making art will be highlighted as being as valuable as the final outcome.
Subjects taught on our digital media strand include, Film Making, Digital Photography, Animation and Scratch programming.

Child protection procedures are in place and we follow the Arts Council of Ireland's best practice for photographing children.

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